Launching Jucie Lucie Creations

Launching Jucie Lucie Creations

Monday, 9 May 2011

First attempt at design

I've had a few gifts to make lately so I decided to design my own handbags so that in the future, if they were well received, I could possibly sell them.  Here are my first four designs.  Two are similar; the middle panel of one is pleated (green/grey) and the other is left as a plain block (purple).

 The green/grey and purple bags are very roomy inside and have a laminated cardboard insert for strength and support.  The green/grey bag also has four metal squares set into the handles.

 These two and the kimono dolls one (left) feature internal pockets, magnetic snaps and two handles.

     The red flower bag has a zipper set in without internal pockets and I feel is a bit small.  I have since made another and made it bigger which I think works better.  All bags are strengthened with interfacing and fully lined with the same or coordinating fabric.


  1. They look great JucieLucie and I can easily see you selling them.

  2. Wow I like the look of all three bags. What or whose pattern did you use? I have made only one bag and that was not so succesful.
    You have done well.

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Hi Jan - these are my own patterns/designs. I started really simple, making bags from free patterns for gifts for my nieces and have just self taught from there. I started with a free pattern from madebyrae - buttercup bag. I found her instructions easy to understand and follow. HTH.